Attention to Detail

I was in a yarn shop the other day and got the urge to knit a scarf. I recalled a beautiful pattern for a lacey blue one on and bought two skeins of Debbie Bliss Rialto, thinking that I'd have enough to finish the project. Well, once I found the instructions, I realized I didn't have enough yarn or the right size needles.

But I still had the urge to knit so I figured I'd knit a long skinny scarf in the simple rib stitch. I need to practice the rib stitch anyway because I'd like to make some mittens and a hat for myself. I'm gonna need them while I'm living here a mile high!

I also thought I'd share with you a video of Violet and her obsession with bugs. She thinks bugs are play things and will taunt them endlessly. She'll chase them, pick them up in her mouth, drop them, paw at them, bark at them and then finally eat them when they fail to entertain her any further. Snails are no exception either. She went berserk the other night when an orange snail ended up on the sidewalk in front of the studio. She played with it for hours until I accidentally stepped on it. Ewww... :-)

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Esther Sunday said...

Beetle? Sure it wasn't one of our Presidential candidates?