I believe politicians are the problem--not the solution, so I'd rather pick my toes or even my nose than watch the liars debate tonight. I thought I'd show you some pictures of Levi's impressive graduation instead of getting all caught up in that television charade. Besides, I don't have a television. Thank GOD!

For those of you who don't know what MCRD stands for, it's "Marine Corps Recruit Depot." MCRD in San Diego is where all of the new recruits west of the Mississippi become Marines. They're known as Hollywood Marines as opposed to the Marines trained on Paris Island. There's a ton of competition between the two recruitment stations, but they're all trained the same, except the Hollywood Marines don't have to tolerate the sand fleas.

Graduation consists of two days, with the first day being Parents Day and the second day the actual graduation where they get to leave with you as soon as the ceremony is over. On Parents Day, which is an entire day, the Company runs 4 miles before there is a ceremony releasing them to spend the day with you showing you around the base and explaining what everything is.

Here's Levi's platoon marching out for the Parents Day ceremony. It's pretty cool to watch them all marching in unison and standing at attention for almost an hour.

These are all of their sea bags neatly lined up and packed ready to go when they actually get to leave with their parents. There were 585 Marines graduating that particular day so you can imagine the long row of bags! And, believe me! These bags are packed with so much stuff you can barely lift them! I thought I knew how to pack a bag, but these guys know all the tricks!

Here they are marching out on the Parade Deck for the actual graduation ceremony the next day. If you're not a Marine, you're not allowed to step on the Parade Deck as it is sacred ground. Believe me, you won't dare do it either with all of the Marines around. And, don't step on the grass! Ever!

It was incredibly bright, and hot, that day! Can you tell?

My son is home for a few days of leave before he goes back down to Pendleton for advanced infantry training. Then he's off to his school for 3-6 months. After that, who knows! I doubt I will see him until after the new year.

It's going to be strange not having anyone around for Christmas this year so Buck and I are planning on going somewhere tropical by ourselves. I guess it's time to get used to doing things alone again.

Having your baby boy leave the nest is one of the hardest, heart wrenching things to get used to.

I think it's going to take me some time.


loulou said...

thinking of you my friend. it tropical here and i have been pracising my mojito making skills! xxx

Esther Sunday said...

Must have been very, very moving! What a proud moment for all! Is he staying in Montana with ya? Love, Esther