A Hike to Pilot Mine

This past Saturday I was invited to a bonfire just a few blocks from my studio. It was a lot of fun and the couple who was having the party invited me to go hiking with them up to a mine considered to be one of the first around here. It's called Pilot Mine. Sunday was a great fall day for a hike and we even found some little treasures -- antique bottles and broken stoneware. I'm hoping to collect enough to make a mosaic table or something cool.

I'm still trying to figure out how to make an entire movie out of all of my Flip videos. For some reason my Mac won't let me so they're all separate. Sorry. :-(

The big lake you see is actually the water in the Berkley Pit. It was a copper color that morning. I've seen it turn a turquoise blue also. You'll see an actual head frame which was used to lower the miners and burros into the mine.


ps. I fixed the link to the pictures in Tin Roof Rusted! Thanks for letting me know!


Esther Sunday said...

Maize the Miner - whatever next? Love, Esther

Maize Hutton said...


You QWACK me UP!