Queenie the Quacker

Finally! It's about time I started sewing again. I made this little cutie last night. Yes, I'm still living in my motorhome, heading into my third month now, but I'll be moving out this weekend as my apartment is going to be finished! Yes. FINISHED! I can't wait because it's starting to get a bit chilly here. We're expecting a dusting of snow this weekend. Yikes! Time to pull out the winter wear.

I'm so excited to move into my new place that I decided to buy this!

Yes, I feel like fainting on my new fainting sofa. Hopefully, I'll wake up and there'll be a good lookin' guy fanning me back to reality. HA! Hope. Oh, the audacity of it! :-)


loulou said...

i am fainting just looking at that sofa - i love it and that sweet little duckie too xxx

Esther Sunday said...

Yeah, love the sofa - it is the perfect fainting spot. The little duckie is adorable, and so is sewing machine you got below. Fifty cents? Ya gotta be kiddin. Hey it was nice chatting with you the other day....so fabulous to hear in detail about all your new friends! Glad the plans are all falling into place!

queen of the carnivale said...