Sew Baby!

Having your studio just two blocks from the local thrift store can be a good thing and also a hazard. Not only did I find a 1940's fridge in perfect working order, which is now in my studio workshop, but I found this little cutie yesterday while rummaging around their front window display. It was way in the back and I kinda let out a little squeal of delight when I saw it! The price tag was fifty cents so I had to buy it. It helps that I've befriended the lady who runs the place. She's formerly from Seattle too.

I crossed my fingers that it would work and when I plugged it in I was surprised to find it not only had a straight stitch but also zig zag! Oh yeah, I couldn't wait to take it home. It didn't need much cleaning and I'm just so in love with the candy corn color! I bought it for my 4 year old niece Payton but she doesn't get to take it home. It's going to stay here in my studio so when she visits I can teach her how to sew!

I was laughing over the warning on the front! It reminded me when I worked at Raleigh Bicycle Company in the product liability department back in the 90s. We had a bike frame covered in warning labels in our office as a joke. It poked fun at the lawsuit Raleigh had lost where a young black kid was riding his black bike at night in his brown McDonalds uniform without a headlight and was hit by a car. It was a hit and run and his lawyer sued Raleigh because there wasn't a warning label on the bike that said riding at night without a light was hazardous. He won. A lot of money.

I handled all of the small bike injury claims and I recall one dude who actually sent me his scabs to prove he had been in a bike accident! Ewwwww!

Now, how did I get from cute sewing machine to scabs?! Ya just never know with me I guess!

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Kimberly said...

My next door neighbor had one of these machines and I was so jealous! She had her own sewing machine and I had to use my moms old chrome 1962 Good Housekeeper. When my mom got a new SInger, I got the chrome sewing machine! Cool find!

The scab story was Ewwwww!