My New Project: SPROUT!

I'm really excited to announce my new project here in Butte.  There's an empty lot across from my apartment and I asked the owner if he'd let me start a community garden there.  He said "YES!" and I set about organizing the entire thing myself.  I'm naming it Sprout and it will be dedicated to our Armed Forces. 

I called the managers at the local WalMart and they're so excited that they've given me a blank check for supplies and will also donate labor to help plant and design!  I then called the head of the local Extension Service who met with me last week and he told me the county will donate all the soil and machinery needed to deliver it.  He also told me he has 40 Master Gardeners with over 2000 volunteer hours and will be able to get signs donated and the railroad ties we need for the raised bed gardens.  The Master Gardeners will be designing the layout of the garden also.

I've spoken with a few residents in the area who are super excited to be able to have their own little garden.  

I then spoke with the owner of my studio space who is a local shop teacher.  He and his students will be making some metal/wood benches for the garden!

It's a-MAIZE-ing what a person can accomplish here.  The community is very giving and I'm happy to say I'm a part of it. 

I'll be posting pictures now and then of the progress.  We're hoping to start the first weekend in June! Fingers crossed that it doesn't snow! 


Esther Sunday said...

Digging the idea about the garden -excuse the pun! Way to go! Outside of the shop is adorable! Rock on girly.

Elizabeth & Chad said...

I think this is WONDERFUL! I wish that I lived near this garden so I could help plant and harvest! Also, being a sister of an army officer, I REALLY appreciate you dedicating it to the armed forces.

God Bless.

Maize Hutton said...

Thanks! The reason why I'm dedicating it to the Armed Forces is because our family is a two blue star family. My brother has dedicated 25 years of his life to the Air Force and is currently stationed in Iraq. My son joined the Marines last June and deployed a month ago to Afghanistan.

My God bless them and Mother Love embrace them both while they are in harm's way.



Anonymous said...

You are an A-maize-ing person (to coin your phrase)!! Kudos to everyone involved in the project! I can't wait to see the pictures!

We have a similar projects in the inner city of Chicago. The overstock of vegetables goes to local food banks. Some sell the overstock of veggies to provide cash for the food banks. It's a wonderful thing.

I have a small garden here in the burbs (NW Indiana) and also do some flower gardening. The overflow of vegetables here go to my neighbors and Murphy the Irish Setter..... He loves to pick tomatoes off the vine and play with them.. LOL We had to invest in a fence this year... He was doing a bit to much picking last year! Hugs to your family in the Armed Services and to you!