Vintage Embroidery Patterns

Well, you can't see this very good but I found some vintage Dutch Girl embroidery transfers at a thrift shop and thought I'd share them with you. I have the entire Dutch Girl week and have uploaded them to my Flickr site. You can find them here.

I purchased a bundle of tea towels and am embroidering all of them. How 'bout joining me?



Anonymous said...

I love the patterns! They remind me of the old Raggedy Ann and Andy patterns (I have a very small collection of vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls). I will find the embroidery patterns for that some day soon. At the moment I an loom knitting, my fingers to the bone, slipper socks for friends and family. I'll just pretend to be embroidering with you! Like to see finished project pictures of the embroidery! Have a great day Maize!

Esther Sunday said...

That's funny...been embroidering a couple of tea towels here and there myself lately! So cute!! Pics, please!