Recipes for Love

Okay, okay, okay. I'm soooo excited to show you the latest art/embroidery project that I've been working on. I'm still trying to enlarge the pictures from Ireland (I had to download a program), but I thought HEY...I'll show you what I was doin while I was riding along the narrow roads in Ireland instead!

Let me present to you....Recipes for Love! I embroidered 14 fabric index cards with my own Recipes for Love and then used fabric stiffener so they would stand up in the box. I even embroidered the wood recipe box they will be housed in, along with 4 Love Index cards. Cool huh?

Inspiration came from this and this. I'm ecstatic with how it turned out!

It's so cool when things happen like that!

You can see all the rest of the cards on my FLICKR.

My recipes for love are:
Dozens of Dreams, Fields of Friendship, Hundreds of Hugs, Bushels of Beauty, Tons of Tolerance, Gallons of Grace, Cartons of Caring, Kilos of Kisses, Cups of Compassion, Liters of Laughter, Quarts of Kindness, Jars of Joy, Pounds of Passion and Sacks of Smiles.

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Esther Sunday said...

Totally adorable!