I haven't posted in a while. Been busy creating....ya's that time of year.
My studio was also open for the annual Christmas Stroll (haven't seen the commercial yet...yikes!). Hundreds showed up to check out my space. It was great fun. I forced over 100 paperwhite bulbs, so those really added to the uniqueness of my studio....great smell.. yummm!

This is a coffee cuff created from a thrifted felted sweater.

I've also been buying vintage slips at the thrift store, dying and embellishing them with lace and ribbon, buttons and flowers. They look really cute over a pair of jeans or leggings with boots.

And, this is a bookmark that I've been making as Christmas gift tags. May as well reuse them I say!

So, yeah...I've been creating quite a bit these past few weeks. But, one of the best creations I've ever made is my son. As I make gifts this year, I'm reminded on a daily basis that I won't be spending my Christmas with him and as much as I try to keep myself busy, it always comes back to thoughts of where he is and what he's doing.

Today, I devoted my morning pages to writing a letter to him. Even though he's halfway around the world living in a tent without a lot of the things we take for granted, I know that he'd want all of you to remember that the greatest gift he could give any of you is the gift of freedom. He's there for all of us.

Semper Fi.
(always faithful)

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Esther Sunday said...

Cute stuff, Maizey. Yep, thinking of him as well!