Thrifted Pillowcase becomes Laundry Bag

I purchased two pretty pillowcases from the thrift store recently and decided to make one into a skirt for my niece. The other one became this laundry bag for the unmentionables. Seems to me that the unmentionables should go into something pretty, don'tcha think? I used what I had on hand, a beautiful heart shaped doily...also purchased at a thrift store... and when I discovered I didn't have any white rope for the tie, I braided together 6 strands of white twine and strung it through the casing. Takes about a whole 5 minutes for this project but I love the result. What else have you made from a thrifted pillowcase? I'd love to know!


Kim's Treasures said...

Super pretty! Great idea!

Esther Sunday said...

Pretty dang cute.