Thrifted Vases

Gosh, do you remember these old milk glass (not sure if they were actually the real deal) vases? Always, always, always, you'd receive either a single rose or carnation with baby's breath in it. Everyone got sick of them and you can tell because you'll find them by the hundreds at thrift shops now.

I have a new appreciation for them. Three vases in different patterns, grouped together, look rather cute. It'd be fun to round up a bunch and use them at a wedding.


Kim's Treasures said...

I love these and have several!

Esther Sunday said...

I am seriously considering starting a small collection against my light yellow living room walls - I think they would be cute. You can find some real unique ones thrifting.

Anonymous said...

I did that at my wedding!! I had different milk glass vases (some larger, some smaller) at each table with flowers. My mother was so proud...she never spent more that .35 on any one of them!