By the power vested in me.....

For sixty bucks, you too can be ordained as a minister in the Universal Life Church.

Here's just some of the swag you'll receive!
A lovely clip on badge to identify your important bad ass self!

And, if you're ever asked to attend the United Nations to clean up the place you'll have your own official parking permit! Just flip it over as it also doubles as an official PRESS PASS! Woot!
But, the most coveted little prize of all? The official rear view mirror MINISTER Parking Permit. I know, I know, kinda looks like a handicap permit doesn't it? I gotta try this baby out and see if it works!

You may now refer to me as...
Her Reverence Maize Hutton

1 comment:

Esther Sunday said...

"important bass ass self" - you kill me!!! :)