Stuff That's Makin' Me Happy....

Some vintage paper flowers I found in a bag of crocheted stuff I purchased at the thrift store. Love the price tag.

My Princess & the Pea collection of vintage suitcases that I've acquired while living here the past 18 months. I didn't have a plan, it just turned out this way. I had no idea I was buying them to stack...gradually. Think I'll continue collecting 'til they hit the ceiling! By the way, I never pay more than a coupla bucks for each one!

I blinged this one out a bit with some rub ons from a fave etsy seller.

These are part of my mom's birthday gift that I sent to her last week. I put together a birthday box for her. Lovin' my plants in the background, just waitin' til it's time to plant outside!

My garden shed. Love, love, love the red poppy curtains I made from Ikea fabric and also the sign I made for my garden out back!


Esther Sunday said...

OMG, everything is soooo cute!!! I LOVE the suitcases!!!!! Very Maizey.

mommy2boys said...

Cute suitcases ! (I wish I could find cute one like that)

but the reason I am commenting n because I spotted that Angel in the background (and I have the same one!, just picked it up today)

That's it.....great blog
Have a great one!