Red Cardigan Redeux

I found a beautiful red cardigan at a local thrift store and decided I'd glam it up a bit and since I'm a crochet beginner, I wanted to try crocheting a lace edge to it.

 Other than the fact that I had to use a thin yarn and a very small hook, this was pretty easy.  I chained around the edges with the yarn and then when I finally made it back to the beginning, I chained three then single crocheted in the next chain--I think it's called a picot stitch  :) ---  ALL THE WAY AROUND!  

I even crocheted the trim on the bottom of the sleeves at the wrist.

This is a great project to change up something in your closet.  I'm thinkin' the red cardigan is perfect for the holidays.

The little crocheted lariat necklace is from this pattern.  Cute cute cute!



sarah @ squigglesizzleswirl said...

How Cute!

Esther Sunday said...

Uh, you need to stop calling yourself a beginning crocheter!!!! Think ya "graduated" by now!!!:)