Stamped Wooden Hangers

I've been having a lot of fun with old wooden hangers these days.  
The shell crochet versions were flying around the web and I completed quite a few from this pattern.  
Yay!  My crochet skills getting better. 

I thought it'd be fun to stamp on some of them.  
I had some French stamps and thought this would be quite lovely.  
I also made one with "Mrs." 
After the stamping was dry, I sprayed them with a flat clear coat.

And a 'big thanks' to my local thrift store for allowing me to rummage through boxes and boxes of old wooden hangers!   


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Rita said...

Your hangers are beautiful, I will crochet one and if I can fnd a wodden one like you have, I will stamp it.I don't have any french stamps, but lots of nice ones. the blog beore this one is wonderful too, the tubes for gifts.Thnak you Maize for all the wonderful ideas.Hugs, Rita