A Crocheted Market Bag

I made this bag from cotton twine that I bought at the Dollar Store.  Total $2.  The pattern is from Mary Jane's Farm magazine (they used sisal binder twine) and I couldn't find a link to it on the internet.  :(  But, I did find this pattern from Lion Brand Yarn (their patterns are free but you must register to see them) and this one from Sugar 'n Cream.  Mine has two handles and I used some ripped up fabric to wrap around them just to give it a different look.  This is a super easy project and one that I'm sure any gal would love to receive.

I'm on a crocheting binge.  Can't you tell?!    



Esther Sunday said...

I did this one to, Maize!! It was fun. Yours looks super with the added touch!!! So Maizey like!

Amy said...

I made one last summer, and everytime I use it I always hold it up to show my husband how much food can be crammed into it. lol