Maize's Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide everyone is doing their own gift guide this year, but I thought I'd concentrate on little stocking stuffers under $25 and because I'm feeling  selfish and I want them!  :)  This little cutie is right up there on my list.  Flossy the horse bobbin!  EEK!  So friggin adorable!  I'm predicting that the horse will be 'the animal' for 2011.

Apparently, the La La Loopsy Dolls are all the rage this Christmas.  
I'd want this one if I could ever find it in stock anywhere!  
Yup, I'm still a little girl at heart!

One of these personalized stamps would be fab!

How about a custom Ipad skin?  Family, don't buy this for me.  I went ahead and bought it for myself!  

Luv these hooks too!

A package of these cards would be wonderful!

Tomorrow, I'll share some links to free stuff on the web.

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Renee said...

Oh my! My daughter is IN LOVE with Lalaloopsy am I! I've put Crumbs Sugar Cookie on my Christmas wish list!! lol!
Good luck in your search to find one! <3