My Vintage Ice Skates

As you well know, I have a love of thrifting and found these babies the other day.  I'd been looking for a pair and since the blades on had been sharpened, I thought they were a steal at $3.  

Of course, I couldn't wear them until I made a couple of pom poms for them, just like my babysitter used to do when she'd take us to the outdoor rink when we were kids.  I still remember the day she surprised me with two big pink pom poms for my skates.  I was so excited!  So, these are in honor of that day.  It's funny the stuff you remember from your childhood.

Are any of you putting on a pair of skates and going skating this winter?  Maybe these will inspire you to get out on the ice!   I'm thinkin' Violet and I should go soon!   

I'm finishing up some last minute gifts.  I always find more things to make!  

I've finally set up the 'email' blog update on the right sidebar so now you can sign up to get my blog updates in your mailbox.  I know, I know, I should have done this a long time ago but I didn't know it existed!  Thanks for reminding me!


Moe said...

I love ice skating! I am not good at it but I still love it!

Those skates look great :)

Amy said...

I wish I could ice skate! Love the pom poms- I had some on my roller skates as a kid...I think mine were purple.