Morning Thoughts

This morning, while I was perusing the news on my Ipad, I discovered this article about my Cardboard Spool tutorial published in the Grand Rapids Examiner.  
Little surprises like that make my day.

I created this little gift wrap bag today for small gifts.  Just a rumpled up brown bag sewn shut and embellished with recycled fabric red circles.  I must have red circles on the brain...poppies to be it's sitting on a painting I recently completed on a wood stump.

I've also got ice skating on the brain.  Stumbling around the web can be very dangerous!  But just look at this outdoor skating party!  I want to have one.  It looks like so much fun and I can see my pink pom poms whirling around on the ice!

{via Frolic}

And, as my 50th year is approaching, reading this has me re-examining and thinking about the years to come and whether I'm living life to it's fullest.  
It's worth a read at any age.


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