Starting the New Year off RIGHT!

Remember my popcorn tutorial?  It was featured on Dollar Store Crafts and wonderful, sweet Heather asked if I'd agree to having it featured in Reader's Digest Asia.  Hella Yeah!  I didn't even know there was a Reader's Digest Asia.

Now, that's how I like to start off my New Year!

I was on a much needed vacation and am back hard at work. My head is swimming with new ideas.  Can't wait to share!  And, oh yeah, I owe ya a post on the oatmeal.  :)


Esther Sunday said...

Awesome!! Well deserved!!! Looking forward, as always, to all your great ideas!! XXX

Terri Quite Contrary said...

That's awesome! I've been meaning to try to make your microwave popcorn. I always have popcorn on hand and I think I have a small paper bag squirreled away somewhere, so I'll have to whip some up tonight, lol.

Heather - said...

Yay!! So exciting!