A New Scarf!

I know, I know....how many scarves can one gal have?

I wear scarves all the time so I never can have enough and I like that I can make them myself!  

This is a super simple tutorial by Foothill Home Companion, once again using recycled t-shirts.  You can whip one up rather quickly, depending on how many rows of ruffles you want on the bottom.  
And, I didn't make my circles perfect either 'cause I'm kinda lazy that way.  
I just cut a square of fabric, folded it over and cut the edge in a semi-circle.  I like it kinda wonky, so none of  my circles were the same size.  
It really doesn't matter anyway since you really can't tell they're not perfect. 

Tomorrow, I've got some things to show you on what you can do with oatmeal! 
It's yummy this time of year, right?  


Molly said...

it looks great! i love the color combo. can't wait to show my daughter! thank you for sharing :)

Lacie said...

Hey Maize, I am a Butte Natice and would like to follow your blog on FB, but I dont see how to do it...it takes me to your personal FB page. I love your stuff. I am a fellow want to be crafter (I try.)

Lee said...

I followed your link from the original post..your scarf is vibrant and beautiful!!!

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Cute. I drove by your shop on Monday, was in Butte for a bball tourney. Didn't think you would be open, but had hoped you :). Also spent about 30 minutes driving around looking at the old houses and architecture. So many stories there. What is the cool old building kind of at the top of the hill, looks like they are maybe redoing it? Lots of windows, some look new, some replaced? You drive off to the right, above you.

Stay warm--holing up at home for the next few days!