Granny Goodness

I've been learning how to make Granny Squares.  There are a couple of wood stools around here that need a cover and I also want to make a blanket.  I used the granny square pattern found here and decided to stick with one color in the middle and gray for the rest of the square.  Granny Squares are the ultimate in project portability.  I made several while waiting at the doctor's office.  

Blogger has been down for the past couple of days so working on the blog design wasn't possible.  
I'm slowly linking all of my DIYs into the tutorial tab at the top.  I've been blogging since 2004, so a lot of the projects are pretty old and, I might add, have been expanded upon and claimed by others since DIY blogging has now turned into a business. 

I've grappled with the idea of adding sponsors to my blog and haven't decided whether I should do so.  I really don't like blogs with a lot of advertising, however the time and effort that goes into producing a DIY for publishing isn't a small task and since some people have used my DIYs to start their own Etsy shop, I'm starting to think instructional projects should be compensated in some fashion. 

I have a few questions for you and would love to hear your input.  

What are your thoughts on blogs with advertising?  
Do you find the advertising useful to you or are they a distraction?  
Would you rather see a donate button for DIYs 
and would you be inclined to donate for DIY instructions?  



Amy said...

I would still follow and enjoy your blog if you had to go to a site with advertising. Yours is the second blog today (of the ones I follow) that I have seen a post mentioning the trouble with blogger. A book review blog I follow said they lost posts from previous days and all their scheduled posts. Blogger seems to have issues often enough that I would not hold it against you or anyone else if you had to move.

Advertising can get distracting sometimes, but I am usually able to ignore it. I say do what you think is best to maintain the information you are wanting to share with the public.

Also, I haven't crocheted Granny Squares in a very long time but this post makes me want to do it now!

Terri Quite Contrary said...

Those Granny Squares look awesome! I have a really hard time making them. I probably wouldn't donate for a tutorial, but I don't mind visiting blogs with advertisements.