Letterpress Tray Jewelry Organizer

 I had a predicament.  Lots of jewelry that needed to be organized.
I saw this on Pinterest and remembered that I had a letterpress tray.  
I decided I needed to do the same!

Here's my version.  I took this picture with my new Iphone.  I've been playing around with various camera apps I installed also.  I'm lovin' my new organizer and am having fun with my new phone.

 Here's another shot.
The hardest part about this project is installing the little hooks.  I finally just drilled holes where I wanted them to be, cut the thread part off the hook and krazy glued them in.  
Otherwise, the thread part of the hook would show through the wood.



Esther Sunday said...

Super cute, Maizey! XX

Anonymous said...

This is a super cool use of a letterpress tray and I am featuring it on my blog: zoundsdesign.wordpress.com. Thanks for the inspiration!