What You Can Make With Wooden Pallets

This is a garden I had last year made of raised bed pallets.  
Even though there are sunflowers, it didn't get much sun.  
I sure was determined to grow something in Montana! 
It was a lotta fun to build.

It was called "Hope Garden" 'cause I sure hoped it would grow! 

Lately, I've been seeing all sorts of things made from pallets and I thought I'd share what I've found with you.

This is a simple bookcase. 

One of my personal faves.  
This headboard was made from salvaged farm board, but you could use a pallet just as easily.

See?  Kewl.

Here's a DIY to make easy shelves?  Simple and effective.

I love this idea for an herb garden.  

This, makes me want to start collecting wooden wine boxes!

And, if the housing crisis continues, we can all build our own and start living in a microhouse!  :P

P.S.  This isn't a pallet, but it's along the same lines.  
DIY Paint Stick letters.  With bolts!  CUTE!



Anonymous said...

Jesus, come to ireland and make stuff from pallets for me, amazing stuff.

Matty :)

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I adore palletts, we are making a shed this summer with them. I will invite you over for coffee when and a shed tour when it is done--just over the mountain!