Granny Pants

I bought these ripped up jeans in Dublin Ireland in 2009 while we were there for the U2 concert.  I wore them with patches when my daughter and I went to see U2 this month in Seattle.  The rips were getting a bit too revealing.  :)

While I was visiting my mother recently, I wore the jeans when they were still ripped.  She asked me "Did you buy those ripped?"  "Yeah, mom.  They're cool."  She just shook her head and replied "I'll never understand why people just don't rip up their old jeans instead of buying them that way."  "Uh, yeah, ya got a point mom!"

I just played around when it came to stitching the rips up.

Dug out some fabric I brought back from Japan in 2007 for the patch.

And, added a thrifted vintage doily.  I'm eyeing my bib overalls now.  They need a bit of granny bling.  

I've been looking for some shorts with lace trim to wear under skirts, but haven't had any luck... until I saw this DIY today.  I'm racing off to Target to buy myself some white boxer shorts to embellish with lace right now.  
They''ll be groovy mom!
(does anyone say 'groovy' anymore or is it just me?)


Nica said...

How creative! ♥

.30goingnorth. said...

Oh my! I absolutely love these! Great idea.

Maize Hutton said...

Thanks! I was wearing them yesterday and a couple of women stopped me to comment on them. Funny!