Recently Thrifted

 Some days you have all the luck.
This little girl print makes me smile even though she looks sad.

 A leather case is always a wonderful find. 
 Especially if it's in new condition and still has the keys!

 A Lubitel in excellent condition has been on my wish list for a very long time.  Takes 120 film and I can't wait to get it processed.

How can one pass up a little sewing box with drawers that hangs on the wall?  I can't!


Linda said...

I have a little sewing box that is identical to the one you found. Mine belonged to my mother and I can't remember a time when it wasn't hanging above her Singer. Now it is a little treasure sitting in my sewing room to remind me of her and hold my sewing machine needles. I am 66 years old so they have been around for some time.

thea said...

Very cool stuff .. I especially love the camera ..

Nica said...

I wonder why does the little girl looked sad but she's so cute, though! :)

Maize Hutton said...


Wow! I had no idea it was that old. How wonderful that you have your mother's sewing box like this. :)

Yeah, I'm not sure why the artist would make her look sad. She should have a sweet smile on her face instead.

You can find these cameras on ebay also. I'm hoping the pictures turn out as it's all new to me! :)

madison avenue said...

awesome!! i LOVE thrifting especially when i find awesome stuff!! i love the suitcase and camera!

Anonymous said...

I smiled so at your sewing box find. One just like it hangs in my mother's dressing room, and hung in her mother's before that.