When the going gets tough....

The tough go thrifting! 

Especially when one volunteers to spend four full days painting the complete interior of her brother's rental house (including ceilings!). 

In order to reward myself for a job well done and to soothe my aching brain and joints, a thrift store stop was called for!  I spent four days driving past it and on the fifth day at 10 am, I pulled into the parking lot.
I found some lovely paper lanterns and hung them on the clothesline this morning with high hopes they fade beautifully.

I couldn't pass up the wire birdhouse for $2.  Seems I've started a collection without intending to.  

The weather has shifted from dark and chilly to sunny and warm.

You'll be able to find me today lounging outside with a large glass of iced tea and a crochet project---waiting ever so patiently for my lanterns to fade and keeping the birds from using them as targets.

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