Thrifted Dress Redo

I found a great linen summer dress at the thrift store.  
Since it was plain, I decided to add a crocheted picot edge.

 I also had some velvet ribbon that's been hanging around for ages, so I decided to use some of it as trim.
Crocheting edging does take a bit of time.  I'm using this as practice for some pillowcases.

Then I made a braided velvet belt from the trim.  I can wear it as a belt, necklace or hair tie.

Have you redone a thrifty frock lately?  

I purchased my first clothing pattern the other day.  I haven't actually sewn a complete garment in years and I'm sure my sewing machine Chuck will get a workout.  I'm hoping to complete it this weekend, provided I don't get frustrated and throw it all into a heap.  :)

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