Freaky Friday!

I'm freakin' over all of these today!
Printstagram mini books made with your Instagram prints!
3 for $10 and they even have a magnet so you can put them on your fridge.

A chalkboard pendant DIY!
I see Christmas presents!  Too early?!

 My thrifted Dingo boots!
I was in Oregon for a few days and scored these babies! 
My new Brenda Dunn print for the studio!
She's got awesome stuff!

I'll be at a pig roast tomorrow and am going to get my bike 'Olivine' out on Sunday. 
I'm making a skirt guard for her which has given me a few fits of crochet craziness.  
I think I've finally figured it out.  Can't wait to share it when I'm finished!  
Hopefully, I'll have it done while there are still nice days to take a bike ride.
Have a lovely weekend!

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