All My Love Vintage Embroidery Pattern

Here's a sweet thrifted vintage embroidery pattern I found for you!  Unfortunately, it was too big for my scanner, so I had to cut the birds out and scan them separately.  I've given you directions on where to place the birds.  You can download the original size for the All My Love Darling here and the birds here.  Wouldn't these be cute embroidered on pillowcases for the bride and groom?  


emilylovesbagpuss said...

So beautiful. I don't have the patience to do embroidery, but a beautiful vintage pattern.

Sara said...

I like it! My little ladies really love embroidering. They like to do more of a free form style rather than following a pattern. It so much fun seeing their colorful creations. Wishing you a happy Sunday. :)

P. said...

great idea.I have a lot of them at home from grandma :)