Bon Voyage!

From Banff, Mom took the train into Montreal where she then boarded a ship bound for England.
This is a picture of Montreal she took while she was on the train. 
I've never been there, but I'm sure the skyline has changed a bit.

Here's a good ol' Bon Voyage!
The lady in red sure stands out.  
This is the last look she had at the Port of Montreal, and land for that matter, for it would be a few days before they arrived in England.
This is a picture of the life boat she took while they were having their drills.  
Kinda reminds me of the ones on the Titanic. 
The view through her porthole reveals the first sighting of land.  
Ireland--that is.

And, this is an iceberg near Belle Isle.  
She finally reaches Liverpool next.  
More on that soon!


Jaclyn T said...

I was in Montreal this past weekend--the skyline has changed. It's cool to see a photo from the 50s.

I am loving the on-boat pics.

--Jaclyn T
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Laura Jane said...

What a TREASURE you are going to be working with!!
I can't wait to see more share A TON of them!!!

Maize Hutton said...

I'm so happy you're enjoying them. There's so much more to come!