Mom's 1959 European Tour Continues...

I don't know exactly how long it took Mom to save for her three month trip abroad, but she was a penny pincher, so probably not very long.  She's a fantastic seamstress and made all of her clothes.  Everything she took to Europe, except a few things like a jacket and cardigan, she made herself. 

She was 23 when she left in the summer of 1959, quit a good job at an oil company and said farewell to all of her jealous coworkers.  While they were out spending their money on expensive lunches and new frocks, she was sitting at her desk with her brown bag reading tour books.  They never believed she'd actually do it.  Knowing my mom, she probably was really happy to prove them wrong.

I admire her so much for leaving a small town, going against what everyone else thought she should do and experiencing something very few get to.

Picture of Tour Group
This is a picture of her tour group.  She didn't tell me much about any of these people but I'm putting together a story in my own mind that they were great friends by the time the trip ended.  You'll see.

Liverpool England
Their ship docked on a grey dreary day in Liverpool England.  

tug pulling us in
This is the tugboat that pulled them in.  
I've always been amazed by those little chuggers.

Dock Liverpool
And here is the Liverpool port.  
It doesn't look very welcoming to me, but I'm sure she didn't give a rip. 
That Montana girl was finally in England!

This is Bridgenorth England. 
The fronts of the buildings remind me of Germany.
Aren't those cars awesome? 
She managed to capture quite a few photos of cars on her journey.

Warwick Castle England
This is Warwick Castle. 
If you've ever toured Europe, there are lots and lots of castles.  Especially in Germany.  
My joke is -- if you've seen one castle you've seen them all.  You could insert 'churches' also.

Ann Hathaways Cottage

This is Anne Hathaway's (not the actress silly) Cottage.   She was married to Shakespeare.
And, this is Shakespeare's House.
Love the bus!
Up next... London...
or maybe I'll throw something crafty in the mix.

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