Jam Jar Bonnet Pattern

Here's my crochet pattern for the blackberry jam jar bonnets.  
Be creative with what you use for the tie.  
You can use yarn, leather, ribbon, lace, rick rack etc.

This pattern is for half pint jar lids
C or 2 hook 2 3/4mm
I used rug string
Work in the round

Ch5, join with sl st in 1st ch to form ring.
Row 1:  Ch 4 *dc ch 1* repeat from *to* 7 times in ring.  Join with sl st in 3rd ch of ch 4.
Row 2: In first chain space:  sl st, ch3, 2 dc, ch 1.  
In remaining chain spaces 3 dc ch 1.  Join with st st in top of ch 3.
Rows 3-6:  3 dc in each st around, join each round with sl st in top of ch 3.
Row 7 Edging:  *Ch 3, sc in next st* Repeat from *to* in all remaining stitches.  Sl st in first st to join.  Fasten off.
Weave in ends.
Cut your tie and weave thru the spaces in the row above the edging.
Tie a bow.
Give your Jam to someone special!  


Jaclyn T said...

I like the suede tie you used in this picture.

--Jaclyn T
Elegant Twig Jewellery

Jovita said...

Thanks so much for sharing!

Chrissy said...

I love this!! I'm giving out chocolate sauce in jars and am going to give this a shot!!