Venice 3

Oh, I love your craziness.  I was a-maize-d how all the gondolas, ferries and ships were able to maneuver without crashing into each other.


There's no better way to see Venice than by gondola.  When I was there in 1995, I wanted to take a ride on one but it seemed a bit unromantic, since I was with my brother.  We chose to walk around instead.

Venice Gondola

Venice 4

Venice 1

Venice 2

Gondola Ride Venice

Venice 3

Venice 6

Bridge of Sighs
I always thought this was an interesting story.  The Bridge is connected to an old prison and got it's name because as prisoners were being led over the bridge to their cell, they would 'sigh' at their last view of Venice.

grand canal Venice

I love this shot of the laundry hanging out the window.

I remember it well.  Pigeons.  Lots of Pigeons.  So many that I was afraid to eat my lunch outside.
I wanted to go into the church, but because I was wearing shorts above my knee, I wasn't allowed in.  My brother was wearing shorts just above the knee too, but they let him go in.  
Go figure!

I remember finding a really cute stationery shop there and purchased a leather journal which I still have to this day!

Up next....Capri.

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