Breakfast on Terrace Capri

Mom having breakfast on the terrace in Capri.

Isle of Capri

Charlotte Capri

Dede & Mom

That's mom on the right.  She must have absolutely LOVED getting to relax in the sun and play in the water there!

Mary, Charlotte, Bob & Pat


Irene Judy Pat Lido

I'm not understanding that woman's red cone hat...

Mom's on the right wearing a hat I assume she got in Venice. 
Much cuter than the red cone hat!

Next up....Florence.


jesse.anne.o said...

I wonder if it was around the same time this magazine was out?

I have never understood that hat? I think the red one is cuter than this pink one!

Maize Hutton said...

oh my gosh, that is just a hoot! I'm supposin' they wore those to cover up the beehive hairdo?