Horse Baths Salzburg Austria
Horse Baths Salzburg Austria
I love this shot.
Everything about it captivates me, from the horse to the red umbrella and I love the vintage VW.

Residence Square Ssalzburg Austria

Bavarians Salzburg
Cool tour bus and guides!


Saltzburg Austria

Wine Cellar Austria
Wine Cellar
Funny Story:  My brother and I decided to drive to Salzburg on a whim one evening.  We were wandering around the city and heard some laughter and music coming from what we thought was a church.  Well, it was a church but as we followed the stairways into the basement it opened up into a beer garden!  When I returned home, I told mom about the beer garden in the church and as it turns out, she visited the exact same one!

Oldest Bakery in Salzburg

Next up...Germany.


rilojane said...

The leiderhosen and Mercedes tour bus have broken my silence. I have to say, I'm absolutely loving these posts. I think about your wide-eyed mom drinking up life and exploring. Every post puts a smile on my face.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Maize Hutton said...

Well howdy! I'm so happy yer enjoyin' my mom's trip. There's lots of great pics comin'. :)