Rothenburg Germany

Rothenburg Germany
I love Germany, especially Rothenburg.
It's clean and quaint.

Rothenburg Germany

Rothenburg Germany 9

Rothenburg Germany 11
This is an awesome shot.

Rothenburg Germany 10

Rothenburg Germany 8

Old Man Germany
This has to be one of my favorite pics that she took.  

Rothenburg Germany 11
I remember walking down this street and purchasing a walking stick from a shop there.  I have a bunch of medallions nailed onto it and almost didn't get it through security when I was returning home!  I suppose it could be used as a weapon, but the security people in Frankfurt were pretty impressed with all of the medallions I collected and decided I was a 'good' tourist.

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rilojane said...

The streets are so empty. Were they like that when you were there?

Maize Hutton said...

Maybe everyone was taking a siesta. There were many people walking about when I visited. :)

Oh Sew Nice said...

I used to live about an hour away from there! Looks the same today as it did back then! :) I miss Germany.