A Colette Dress

My fingers are twitchin to to be stitchin up this lovely frock.  I received the pattern today and this gurl is figurin' a wrap dress is in her future.  I've been ponderin' in front of my piles o' piles of vintage sheets, tryin' to decide which one to cut up first.  It's a dee lema by golly.  Maybe I will cut all of them up, wear a wrap dress every day of the week forever and ever and force the world to wonder if I simply threw a sheet over me-self before I left the cottage.

In other news, two Snow White scarflettes have been completed durin' my croshayin' marathon.  If the sun would shine a bit, I'd be able to snap a picture for you for they are quite lovely indeed and need to be shown in all their glorious gloriousness.

I've got the shivers so a hot cup o'cider is callin my name and I must get back to my ponderin'.

Ciao Bellas.

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