Finding Fancy Nancy

When one frequents a certain favorite thrift store like I do every week, one is bound to strike up a friendship with the lovely workers there.  While I was plunking down my pennies for a recent purchase, a wonderful lady named Marcia approached me and asked 'Have you ever heard of the children's book series Fancy Nancy?'

Now, my children are long outta the house and I don't have any grandchildren yet, so this particular  book was not on my radar.  'No, I've never heard of Fancy Nancy' I replied.

'Oh, Fancy Nancy has red coil spring curls and wears flower headbands and ruffly dresses, just like you!  It's a compliment, I assure you, and every time you walk into our little thrift store you remind me of her.' Marcia exclaimed.

This brought a huge smile to my face and a spring in my step and I skipped outta my favorite little thrift store and wondered what Fancy Nancy looked like.  Certainly, these days, one can locate a picture of this little miss quite quickly and when I arrived home, up the stairs I hopped to do a fast Googly search.

Much to my surprise, Fancy Nancy does indeed resemble this gurl, somewhat, although she is much younger than I and doesn't appear to age over the years as this one does.  But still, it isn't every day when a gurl discovers she has a cartoon likeness in a child's book.

So, I will hold onto that notion and giggle with the knowledge I am indeed a cartoon character.  Yes, indeedy.  I am.


Anonymous said...

Bwaaaa.... too funny and cute! I love it. Thank you for making me smile on injection day which is always trying! Huggers to you and your characature!

Liz said...

So cute! I will never see Fancy Nancy again w/o thinking of you! We see those books in the Children's section of the book store all the time. You make a prettier Nancy.

Maize Hutton said...

Awww, yer both sweet!