The Green Thorny Monster

All this gurl wanted to do was wash the outside of her basement windows.  But before I could actually get to the windows, I had to chop my way around this MONSTER!  Now, this is no ordinary shrub.  Nosiree!  It's the Green Thorny Monster!  Whomever planted it must have been outta their mind.  It doesn't belong on the side of a house.  It should be planted on our borders.

Just look at those thorns!  One cannot simply start cutting and pulling something so mean as this.  It's a delicate job requiring a suit of armor and thick gloves.  I found that out after I backed into one of them.

Just look at those leaves too!  The needle like edges are meant to hurt and boy do they!  

I don't know what the real name of this plant is but I came up with a few... 'Hot Oil', 'Car Wreck', 'Fire Thorn'.   I finally decided on a name that starts with 'P' but it ain't 'Pretty.'

Of course, I had my helper by my side urging me on to emasculate the thing.  
She loves to ignore the camera.   She can't be bothered with posing.
The 'P' will be completely dug up and put in the burn pile and something friendlier and beautiful will be planted in its place.  

Something without thorns and a nice name.