Playing with Perlers

This gurl recently held Crafty Camp at The Cottage.  
Of course, it wasn't an official 'Camp' as only myself and Violet were in attendance.    

Perler beads remind me of my youth when we'd have craft time at YMCA camp.  I had to go door to door and sell a lot of butter toffee peanuts in order to attend.  
I remember sleeping on someone's toothpaste tube and ended up with one messy sleeping bag in the morning! I missed my mom! 

Perlers may be for kids, but I'd like to think you can make some grown up versions.  
I also had to create one with Violet & I since she was my little helper.   

I have a thrifted cross stitch pillow and used the pattern to create these little coasters.  
I wanted a doily edge, so I left off a few of the beads.  

I managed to create a Folk Art heart too.

I only had one mishap as I got a bit carried away with melting them with the iron.  
The instructions say to have an adult help you, but my daughter wasn't around.  

The second try was a success and I'm happy with the results!