My Floral Frenzy

Oh my goodness. 

This gurl is deep into a floral frenzy that just won't quit (believe me there's more to come).  

I recently thrifted a beautiful sheet and loved the design so much that I cut it out and attached to to the leg of my favorite bib overalls.  

Once again, Heat Bond was my friend. 

A few years ago, I used this technique when I made some personalized throw blankets.

I cut a square of the floral out, ironed on some Heat Bond and the used my embroidery scissors to cut the detail.  Then I peeled off the Heat Bond and ironed it to the leg of my bibs.

Couldn't have been easier.

You can also use iron on hem tape.

I love how floraly floral they are.

My floral frenzy will continue when I reveal a revamping of a thrifty find.