For The Birdys

This gurl found a little teapot birdhouse at Michaels and painted it with high hopes a little birdy would use it as a nest someday.

I busted out the back with a screwdriver.
Since it's made from balsa wood, it wasn't hard to pry off the remaining pieces.
Do not use a knife.  I tried that and stabbed myself in the palm of my hand. 
Quite surprisingly, the wound ended up heart shaped.

The idea is to hang it from your window so you can see the little birdys inside.
I'm hopin' one will decide she'd like to live in a little teapot and won't mind my dirty windows and frames in need of patchin'.

I placed it high enough so any roamin' cats in the neighborhood won't be able to get inside and reek havoc.

I'm wonderin' if I need to do anything to entice a birdy to come and live inside.

Meanwhile, I'll just tick off the days waiting patiently for the show to begin.