So, this gurl was perusing Pinterest the other day and discovered a recipe for homemade goldfish crackers.

Stopped. Me. In. My. Tracks.

Hello Cheesy!

I had to try it out even though I don't have a food processor.

I used my KitchenAide instead and they turned out just fine.

Perfect in fact.

I had some tiny animal cookie cutters I'd thrifted but having to pry each piece out with a toothpick was drivin' me crazy and takin' too long.

So, I pulled out a little star cookie cutter and went to town.

They are, BY FAR, the best crackers you'll ever eat.  
Extremely easy and cheesy and anything extremely easy and cheesy is my cup o' tea.

And... believe me when I say you can't eat just one!
They go great with wine too.  Just so ya know.