Hook Minder DIY

Oki Doki.  You asked for it so here it is!

You'll need:
Pliers:  One that cuts and one that's flat for twisting wire.
Beads:  Colorful ones and letter beads.  
If you don't have any letter beads you can make your own using Fimo clay.  
Either stamp a letter into the clay before baking or write the letter on the bead with a black sharpie after baking.  Same goes for numbers--if you use hooks with numbers.
Make sure the bead holes will fit through the doubled over wire.  
Lobster Clasps
26 gauge wire

 Cut a length of wire about 4-5 inches depending on how long you want your hook minders.

Thread a large bead onto the wire.

 Fold the wire in half and twist to secure.

Thread on your beads in whatever color combo you'd like and add a letter for the hook size.

 Thread on the lobster clasp then fold the wire over and wrap to secure.  
Clip the ends of the wire so they won't snag.  

Yer done!  Wasn't that easy?

Make another one for your other hooks.