The Monday Maize Likey List--Sewing Edition

To start...this gurl would LOVE sewing with a retro looking machine!
Unfortunately, outta my budget.  

There is nothing better than owning sewing notions that are high quality.  
I have this set and LOVE it!

Since I have a ton of vintage sheets, I'm really wanting to make a few of these.  
Hopefully, I'll be motivated soon.  It's a cheap way to change up the look of your bedroom.

How to make a peasant top from a men's t-shirt.  
This project has been on my pin board for ages and now that I'm reminding myself, hopefully I'll tackle it this week.  I'd probably add some embroidery on it.  
Note to self:  thrift a men's tee.

I've wanted to make a garland of dolls for no other reason than to make a garland of dolls.

My daughter has requested I make bib bandanas for my new grandson.
Better get on that pronto!

And how adorable is this sewing machine watch necklace?
It'd make a great gift.
Affordable too.

Have a great start to your week!