Tea Light Flowers DIY

I included these on this week's Monday Maize Likey List and yesterday I was able to make a few.

My version is different as I ditched the spoons.  

I didn't see the need to take that extra step since the flower petals naturally curl around the tea light on their own.

I used $Tree tea lights (3 in a package) and flowers.  
Dismantle the flower and cut them up so you just have petals.
Glue the inside petal portion of the flower first because they're smaller.  
Just keep gluing them around alternating the center of each petal.  
Then glue on the larger petals.

These are great decorations and would be beautiful at a wedding reception.

Just so ya know, each tealight has approximately 60 hours of battery life.

I love mine and will certainly make more!