In DIY Wedding Mode

This gurl has been in DIY wedding mode for the past coupla weeks and is on a deadline for August 10th.

There's been o' lot of craftin' goin' on from croshayed bouquets, makin' invites and floral tea lights, creating a backdrop and props for a photo booth and main stage to reserving a cotton candy machine and creatin' a s'mores bar.  

Add in nannyin' of my grandson 3 days a week and I have a full plate!

I certainly didn't intend for this here blog to be overtaken by a baby, but I can't help myself.  
He's intoxicatin'!

I promise I'll share pics of the Cottage Wedding.  The first and only wedding I'll ever be doin'!

And here's a little video of Landon to start your day.