I'm 4 Months and I'm gonna....

Yeah baby!

You started eating solid foods.
In the bagel shop the other day, a women said she'd guess you were 8 months.
 Chunky lil' worm you.

You also hate it when the bottle is empty.  
But as soon as you rip off a loud burp that could shatter a window, yer good to go.
Yer startin' to mimic words.
You were playin' on the floor the other day and I was makin' you a bottle.
When I knelt down to pick you up and said 'hi bubba', you replied 'high eeeee.'

I kept promptin' you to do it again, but you ignored me....'til 'bout 2 hours later.
Lil' genius.
Made my day.

You love to take baths and hate havin' 'em end.
You could kick and splash 'til you fall asleep or turn into a prune, or both.
Yer mom is already takin' you to the pool and I understand swimming lessons start in two months.

You'll graduate at the top of your swimming class and we'll start callin' ya 'Gator.'
I know, it should be a fish name like Nemo or somethin' but none of 'em sounded cool and callin' ya Willy just wouldn't be right, 'specially since you're so chubby and all.

I'm lettin' ya watch Sesame Street every mornin'.  I figure, I grew up with it and so can you.
I sing along to the songs and you smile.

You think I'm pretty funny and that's all that matters to me.