Recipe Box Redo DIY

This gurl has been attemptin' to organize her recipes which seem to be in all sorts of places or stuffed in a drawer.

Some I've cut out or printed off and glued in a notebook and it seems I never can find what I'm lookin' for.

So, I decided a cleanup was in order and I was goin' old school.

I like havin' recipe cards.
There's somethin' sentimental about pullin' out a handwritten one that someone has shared with ya. 

I've been admirin' this lovely recipe box but it's really rich for my pocketbook.

Enter a white sharpie paint pen, a vintage wooden recipe box purchased at the thrift for 35 cents and now I have my very own heirloom.  
Fer cheap.

I love that it's all scuffed up, just like a well used recipe box should be.

Warning:  These are addictive.  
I've already started making another one as a gift.